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Coaching is about helping you to be the person you want to be, helping you to do the things you want to do.

I am very aware, from my own experience, that the biggest obstacles to being our real authentic selves are the limitations we place on ourselves. These limitations are our fears (believing that we cannot handle a situation) and our beliefs (believing that it is not possible for us to do something).

You can be and do anything you want.

Have you had enough of living in a straight jacket, and just doing what others want. It is time to get out and show your true colours.
Are your conditionings and routines limiting how you live: you are being driven by others. You are not expressing the real "Me".

Now is the time to allow this hidden being to come our into the world to stretch, yawn, maybe sing and jump and dance and shout.

Sometimes life is not rational and logical – maybe it is time to experience the unknown, unpredictable, and to do the irrational and illogical.

Why would anyone want to go walking in the rain without an umbrella?

Why would any grown-up put their pyjama's on, turn out the lights and watch the film,"Peter Pan"?

Do you want to come out and be yourself – to stand firm in front of the world and say, "This is me".

I knew I had come out when I stood up in front of my spiritual teacher and said "I can express myself anywhere with anyone except here (in the satsang meeting)" - "And why is that?", he asked. "Because of YOU" – I shouted at him, and in a flash I saw that this "You" I was shouting at was actually inside of this "Me"!

The work is not so much coming out, as getting all of these internal judges and little voices to shut the f--- up, so you can get on with your life!

You may want to work on yourself because you know that you can do more with your life, and you want some help to make the next step.

Life is feeling tight: you want to play in a higher league.
You have a dream which you want to realize, and you want help to get started.
You have a vision, or just an idea of a life or a business, and you want to bring it to life.
You are good at your job, but you need some (let's be straight) some discipline to get it done on time, some focus on your goals, to set priorities, to use your time on the important things.
You want to take on more responsibility – bravo, we said it.

You may want to become more effective in your life, and work.

You want to set challenging goals and be focused to achieve them.
You want to communicate so people understand you and together you can move mountains.

Are you feeling that life is becoming a routine?

Maybe you do not feel challenged. Maybe you have a secret dream that is itching. Time to do something new?

It is quite normal that we create for ourselves barriers/obstacles which impede our natural progression.
And when the time is ripe we move them out the way.

I had a period of many years in my life, when I can say, from today's perspective, I was not growing as a person even though I was active in advancing my career. And now I can see that I was resisting all the stuff coming my way, rather than handling it. I stayed the same shy, closed boy afraid to stand up for himself and avoiding any form of conflict and intimacy.

The barriers and obstacles we create through limiting beliefs or fears or doubts can be handled and overcome once and for all the moment you are ready.

You may be overwelmed by the pressures of work and you have lost contact with yourself, and you want to reconnect with a stronger "Me".
It is so easy at work these days to respond to greater demands by just working harder: then one day you look at yourself, and say "I can't go on".
When we work hard we often get the feeling of being lost or disconnected from ourselves.
This happens because we switch off listening to what our "system" is telling us: for example, to take a break, eat some food, get some sleep etc..
With this switching off we become more mechanical, because we are less sensitive as we are shutting out the messages coming from our intuitive consciousness.
We can function in this disconnected form,but it is like living with a reduced number of dimensions or senses.
To bring the colour back to life is the process of reconnecting.

Make a quick check on yourself now: do you feel that you do not have enough time for yourself, do you feel that you do not laugh much anymore, do you feel that you are not really enjoying life anymore (just working).
Do you think that you are drinking or eating (or indulging in other activities) more than you think is normal, or really ok?

And at the right moment it is time to do something to take back control of "My Life".
It is time to re-establish what are the key values that are important and build a life and goals (what you want to do) around those foundations.
With the personal values in place self-esteem can be strengthened.
And, through working towards personal goals, the life that is desired can be created.

You may want get in touch with the full force of your passion, and live your dream.

Some people believe that they have a mission to accomplish in this life.
Others sense that there is something important for them to do.
Some people have something that they love to do and they want to do it all the time.
Others feel that they are capable of being passionate about something and they want to have that experience.
For whatever reason to you decide that you want to connect with your passion, it will make you very alive. It will get your juices flowing. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

Just get started.
Take your dream and start to make it happen.
Dreams are goals for which you have not yet decided the time schedule.
You can fine-tune your goals. You can change your goals.
But allow your passion to pull you towards your destiny.

You may want to invest in yourself because you want to stay ahead. You are in a self-development mode – flexible to change, willing to look at resistence and push back the barriers – to boldly go where you have never been before.

Being in the self-development mode recognizes that we are organic beings.
It is natural that we grow, especially in consciousness: and so we grow pro-actively – decisively.

Many develop their lives to bring everything under control and in order to then park themselves in their specially constructed comfort zone.
They may be given a life lesson to teach them that life will not stop evolving for anyone.

Flexibility means not getting stuck.
The flexible person is open to new options, and does not hang on to old and trusted ways. Being able to constantly change comes from finishing episodes in life - not leaving projects unfinished – not leaving actions undone – not leaving things unsaid.

Making progress in one's life is often a question of sorting out some things from the formative years of our life from 0-7 years – our past.
This does not have to mean going through therapy or the agony of reliving nasty moments.

Today we have the "technology" to make effective closures with the emotion that is clouding how we operate, to become more free to enjoy life fully (this is not intended to be a substitute for therapy: this is to remove the "blockages" normal people have which stop them living the life they want).

For the person who wants to be real and authentic, this is the path of discarding fears and limitations along the way to realizing your full potential.

I love to quote Nelson Mandela, he says, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us".

Nigel will work with you to challenge your limitations to go with you as far as you want to go.

May the Force be with you.

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