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Cate says:
"Thank you for all your consistent and loving help. I feel a big shift in my life since working with you. I now have a good set-up with an office and tonight I have negotiated with my partner time to write my book. I realise that working with you has helped me move into an important phase in my life where I am making family and work come together.

Since working with you I have a clear plan about finishing my book and I have had deep and consistent help with how to see my ideas through. I found the process of coaching to be marvellously deep and moving. I found that you helped me to really find the resources to keep going and for two days after I spoke to you I was always moved and motivated. Since talking about this I am now working with daily motivation. Coaching has given me confidence and hope. It has helped me realise what I needed to change and how to do it. This work with you has been a most marvellous gift and I am very grateful for it. I would recommend Nigel highly. He is a very deep, committed, intelligent, wise and honourable man and his coaching has had a profound effect on my life."

Alen says:
"At the beginning I didn't have a clear idea of what coaching will give me, but when sessions started I felt more and more relaxed because I started answering my problems and doubts. The interesting thing was that I felt that I started to solve my own "problems". Answers were just coming out. I felt that I was growing as a person and I found some answers and "things" (potential, possibilities..) in me that I didn't know that I had. At the end of these sessions I feel I have begun to change personally and I can say that this was an extraordinary experience I would advise to everyone."

Maja says
"Coaching is the best thing that happened to me. It happened when I needed it most."

Iztok says:
"I thought I had reached my maximum. Working with Nigel awakened me to even greater potential within me awaiting to be realized."

Tjasa says:
"I was not familiar with coaching until recently, however I run across it in the right moment. It was a moment of increasing stress at work that resulted in feeling of being ineffective, constant preoccupation with work, being without proper energy for anything. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, therefore I decided to look for an advice.

I found a “hint” for a change in coaching. Coaching is a relationship in which the client (individual) and the coach are active collaborators for the purpose of meeting the individual’s needs. On a practical level, the coaching process addresses setting and achieving goals. On a spiritual level, coaching leads to a purposeful life where actions flow from innermost values. The ultimate goal is supporting the individual to reach her or his full potential which leads to development, growth and success, either personal or professional. And this was exactly what I needed.

At the first session I was explained what coaching is and I had the exploratory conversation about my hopes and fears, goals and aspirations and I already slowly started to build the picture of where I want to be, that was further developed through the next six sessions.

At the beginning of each session coach invited me to the pick the agenda for a discussion. All the time coach hold me as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. He was trying to show me how to maximize the potentials by achieving career goals, removing roadblocks, and by making the most of available opportunities. Through a process of action and learning, we discussed about desirable changes in one or more parts of my life, to create a life that is fulfilling and balanced. All the meetings were very spontaneous.

Nigel Buxton is a person who gives honest feedback and support, inspires, challenges, facilitates growth and change, and discusses with the individual to achieve stated goals.

Coaching helped me to discover and think more about where I really want to be, to remove some obstacles that sometimes held me back in the past. In addition to "problem-solving" coaching helped me to learn (to understand) how to maximize the potentials and to move confidently forward in life, not just over or around a hurdle. The most important thing is that coaching doesn’t foster dependancy on the coach, on the contrary it empowers you for “flight” and helps you to start living the life you've imagined.

Nigel, thank you very much for inspiring coaching!"

Edvard Svetlik – President, Hidria Corporation says
"Nigel played an important part in creating a common set of values and in building the strategies and structures of Hidria Corporation".

Iztok Seljak – Vice President, Hidria Corporation says
"Nigel opened important new dimensions in recognizing our wider strategic opportunities and supported our growth, both as teams and as individuals".

Andrej Bozic – Director, Hidria Perles d.o.o. says
"Nigel not only got the managers to adopt a new methodology for strategic planning, but they actually felt more comfortable about the expectations relating to their jobs and their goals as a result .........Clarity about strategy comes just talking it through with someone who understands the issues".

Danica Purg – Dean and Director, IEDC – Bled School of Management says
"Coaching helps individuals to build on their strengths, to overcome their limitations and realize their full potential on the job. Many have found coaching dramatically improves their performance and decision-making".

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