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Welcome to the Nigel Buxton website

Are you saying to yourself:
- "I want more out of life";
- "I want to be more at ease with myself";
- "I want to discover what makes me passionate about life";
- "I want to create balance between work and my private life";
- "I want to connect with my higher self";
- "I want to align my work goals with what my life is all about":
then this is the right place for you.

Nigel worked many years for a Big Four Accountancy firm and a US quoted corporation. After a melt-down of my life, I started to do a different kind of work - on myself. I believe in work as an important and fulfilling part of life. I believe in being true to oneself and exploring one's potential and true self.

Nigel will coach you to freedom - freedom from limitations, freedom to be / do more, financial freedom, emotional freedom, freedom to be yourself.

Have a look around: in this website you will find:-

- more about the work you can do to create the life you want – read more;

- the complementary weekly Update of ideas about how to maximize your contribution at work and what you get out of it.
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- the "Doing more with less" Discovery Book – to find out where you might work to do more with less and get a taster of the way Nigel works – at no charge – download Discovery Book.

- all about the book, "Living in Company – reflections on life in the corporate world", written by Nigel Buxton. An inspiring exploration to authentic living in the work environment – read more;

- you can read some of the great things people have said about their experience of working with Nigel - read more .

The moment you are ready call Nigel at +386-31-674-924 or +386-1-420-1524, or e-mail to talk through the work you want to do to create the life you want, without commitment and in complete confidentiality.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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